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Easy Shed was set up 15 years ago by Rob Lee. 3 years ago it was turning over 800k a year, now it is turning over 1.4 million. 90% of all orders originate from Easy Shed’s online presence. (Figures below are to date (31/12/2014) and compared to respective date 2 years ago.)
Solid Web have helped Easyshed.co.uk do the following:

  • Increased web traffic by 90.41 %
    (see the graph below, blue shows 2014 traffic, orange shows 2012 traffic) easyshed hits graph
  • Increased unique visitors by 77.05%
  • Increased page views by 212%
  • Reduced bounce rate by 40%
    (bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page)
  • Increased conversions by 55%
    (conversion is turning a visit into a sale)

Social Media / brand awareness

  • Increased brand awareness through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Increased Twitter followers by 237 on the previous period.
  • Increased Facebook likes by 2336 on the previous period.
easyshed facebook wall easyshed facebook likes graph screenshot

Digital Marketing Objective

To Increase the organic ranking positions of “shed” related keywords on Google.co.uk and to increase the general web traffic for Easyshed.co.uk via on-site techniques, link building and content marketing strategy and ultimately generate more sales.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

We identified key-words and phrases that would drive the most traffic to EasyShed.co.uk. We then analyzed our competitors websites to determine what we needed to do to surpass their rankings and authority.

  • On-Site Content & Amplification: Using only natural and safe way of acquiring links to the site by creating content that reflects trends or provides long-term value, then get this content in front of our audience to attract links & shares.
  • Blogger Outreach: Working with bloggers within our target audience to create content. This could take many forms e.g. guides / competitions / reviews.
  • Creative Feature / Hero Content: This would be essentially be creative content that includes a simple element of research, design and build. Example forms would be Surveys or Infographics.
  • Competitor Link Building: Researching links our competitors have and trying to obtain them ourselves.
  • Local Citations: Start producing links on local directories

2014 EasyShed Digital Marketing Highlights

We realised that easyshed.co.uk needed to be re-developed, to produce a more SEO friendly and high converting website. This involved developing a new site and increasing rankings, brand awareness and social shares. These are some of our highlights…

We worked in partnership with the Birmingham Evening Mail and created an article on the finalist of “Shed of the Year”. See the article here

Created a fun “Smile Generator” app to coincide with National smile week, which we subsequently promoted to Huffington post & Huffington Post Entertainment. It created thousands of visits to EasyShed increasing brand awareness.

Offline and Online promotion via ITV, easyshed.co.uk was featured on Surprise Surprise, after our PR executive spoke to the ITV producer. See the article here

easyshed smile gen

Website Development

(Previous Homepage)

easyshed homepage 2013

(New Homepage)

easyshed homepage 2014

The first thing was to make it “responsive” so that it was easy to use across all types of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. This led to a trendier, more stylised look and feel ? block colour and larger text and images.

An average order on Easy Shed is £1000. Their products cost up to twice as much as a competitors similarly specced shed. But Easy Shed sell products of higher quality and also offer an “all in 1″ package whereas their competitors add on extra costs.

We had to understand what was important to Easy Shed’s customers. So we directly asked every customer about their experience with the website which gave us incite that you cannot get from any other sort of analysis. A customer looking to buy a product that costs £1000 will almost always do thorough research into finding a trustworthy company that can offer the best value for money. We would label the customer’s of Easy Shed as being savvy shoppers with high expectations. With this in mind we made sure to use as many real photos of other customers’ sheds & testimonials and emphasise Easy Shed’s unique selling points.

If we had decided to berate their competition that might have come across as underhand and put off some customers. So we kept to just promoting the plus points of Easy Shed and making sure they were understood by providing a large FAQ section and an ever expanding list of guides.

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